Friday, 6 August 2010

Come join us

Dear Friend

The political landscape has changed as a result of the last General Election. The Tory Government propped up by the Liberal Democrats, has shown we, the Labour Party, remain the only party committed to you and the many hard-working families throughout the UK.

A new and exciting future is now ahead for our Party. We are changing so we can help you, your family and our community in Northenden Ward with what lies ahead. We invite you to play an active part in this future. The current contest for the Leader of the Labour Party is your opportunity to help rebuild and re-shape our Party, to renew it for the new politics that lie ahead. We want you to have your say in choosing our next Labour Leader.

Join the Labour Party before Wednesday 8 September and you will have a vote for the next Leader of our Party. This is an important time for the us as we prepare to face the challenges ahead with a new Leader, and a fresh impetus. We need to ensure we have a varied and diverse membership to fight for the values and services we care about - fight for jobs, schools, hospitals and children centres in every community.

At the moment the effects of the Tory/Lib Dem choices haven’t been felt. But soon the cuts they have chosen to make to local council services; to jobs for young people and to our police, will hit home. Yes, we have to reduce the deficit, but hard-working families should not have to bear the brunt of it.

The path the Tories have taken is one they’ve chosen to take. They admit that it will slow economic growth, and lead to higher unemployment than Labour’s plan. And their figures show that they will hit pensioners, families and the least well-off hard. But we say there is a better way. And by taking part in the leadership election, you are playing a hugely significant role in beginning of the next era of our Party.

Joining the Labour Party is simple and affordable – as the Party that stands up for its principles; you know where you stand with us. Thousands of people have joined since the Lib Dems let down their supporters and backed the Tories. Thousands more people joined the party after their joint Budget was announced showing their true priorities, values and beliefs by their choice to raise VAT, cutting the Child Tax Credits and freezing Child Benefits.

If you share Labour values join now to help shape our future and help us to stand up for the many and not the privileged few. Call 08705 900 200 or go to
Or if you would prefer to contact me or the local Labour Party here in Northenswn, please email or phone 0161 945 5331

Richard Cowell

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